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Wax Services

Apply a layer of hard or soft wax to the desired area for service then swiftly remove the wax and hair from the area. This service gives your skin a smooth and glowing look.

Vulva Wax - 75

Also known as a Brazilian Wax. This hair removal service includes the pubic bone, around external genitalia, between inner thighs, and around the back side.

Bikini Wax - 50

This hair removal service is preformed around the pubic bone, and between inner thighs.

Full Body - 300

This hair removal service includes Brazilian, Full Leg, Under Arm, Belly, Full Arm, Full Back, and Chest.

Stomach - 30
Full Leg - 80
Half Leg - 45
Under Arm - 30
Full Arm - 50
Half Arm - 30
Full Back - 50
Half Back - 35
Chest - 45

Wax Services


Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination - 90

Brow lamination is a semi-permanent straightening treatment for the brows.  This reduces the natural curl and creates a long and full look.

Creates a full and feathery brow.

Brow Wax - 21

Brow wax comes with a complimentary brow mapping. This tells us where your brow should start, arch, and end based off of your face shape

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