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⋄ A little about me ⋄

Selinna Ellsworth • Salon Owner • Lash Artist

◉ Taurus ◐ Pisces ⇑ Sagittarius 

I’m from Chico, California. I lived in Alaska and worked on a tours line as a chef. Then I moved to New York for a short period. Shortly after, I discovered and fell in love with Fort Collins, Colorado and met my husband. We have beautiful daughter and have been married since 2016. My favorite movie is Howl’s Moving Castle. I’m a sucker for anime and love stories! My favorite place is the Redwood Forest but honestly anywhere my friends and family are. One of my favorite drinks and food is root beer and steak. I believe my spirit animal is a fox. I had a wonderful experience with a fox which lead me to where I am today and why I have a fox tattoo. (Feel free to ask me at your next appointment.) One of my favorite quotes is “Do what you love and never work a day in your life.” I live by this quote everyday. A couple of my favorite hobbies are playing games, watching anime, and reading manga. All of these things have helped me decompress from my long days work. 


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a little about me! 

If you haven’t been in please come join me and check out my Gem Cave!


See you babes soon! 


Selinna Ellsworth


Gem Salon & Boutique

⋄ A little about Gem ⋄

Hi there! For those that don’t know me, my name is Selinna Ellsworth! I am the owner of Gem Salon & Boutique. I give my all in raising my business to mirror who I am. Gem Salon & Boutique’s colors are emerald green, black, and gold. Emerald green is for my birthstone. You’ll see copper which is my astrological metal. You’ll also see a lot of gold because it’s another one of my favorite. You’ll find Gems and plants because I'm an earth sign. You will also find bulls around the salon because I am a Taurus. 


Gem Salon & Boutique was inspired from the heart, just like a Gem. The raw beauty is within. With each service I bring that unique beauty out in everyone. There’s a deeper connection than just a service. During services we talk about all life experiences and unique interests. Our connection comes from the core of our being. 


I chose the name Gem Salon & Boutique because I feel that we are all Gems. Unique and beautiful in our own ways. We radiate from within and shine out. Just like Gems do. 

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